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Waiting for Robot

"...Waiting for Robot portends a future that may never arrive—one where the power dynamics between automation and human engineering have reversed, allowing for the rise of artificial intelligence and technology’s control over humankind."

-Nasher Sculpture Center

Installation photos

By Kevin Todora

Courtesy of the Nasher Sculpture Center

I think it is not AI, as much as it is the belief in AI, that currently threatens us.

Nasher Public: Celia Eberle on ‘Waiting for Robot’
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In the Nasher’s ‘Waiting for Robot,’ Celia Eberle expresses her skepticism of AI

The Ennis-based artist stages an “end-times dance party” three times an hour.

By Lauren Smart

August 3, 2022

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By Mattie Glaze

Original compositions for Waiting for Robot