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My work is a philosophical pursuit. It's my observation that certain images and ideas consistently appeal to us. It's my intention to repeat or recombine these ideas as a way of exploring the universality of human experience across time.

Even though our lives are finite, the world and its possibilities are practically infinite. We are forever blind to this reality. The patterns of human existence invariably lead to the concentration of power inevitably destabilizing society. At this point in history, because of the belief in the superiority of artificial intelligence, many of those who have amassed power consider the rest of us superfluous. The consequence is slow-rolling devastation and uncertainty. The solution would require us to do something we have never done in a global way: recognize the value of each other's humanity.

I make art about this falling, failing state we live in. There is beauty, fear, and a certain degree of absurdity in it. As far as I'm concerned, there can be no other subject.

-Celia Eberle

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